Car rental for foreign employees

On this page you will find all information regarding our car rental. Inka Housing offers besides housing also the possibility to rent cars for yourself or your employees. By providing this extra service, the distance from work to home is no longer a problem. Our most common models are the Ford Focus and Mitsubishi Space Star, but also the Opel Astra, Ford Mondeo and Volkswagen Passat, among others. The type of car that we can offer you depends on availability.

What is the advantage of renting a car at Inka Housing?

We deliver the car to you and pick it up
We deliver the rental car clean and with about a half full fuel tank at a location which is on our work route that day. Sometimes it is also possible to have the car (in consultation) placed at a desired destination. Here we can ask a fee of € 50, -. As soon as the car is no longer needed, let us know and we will consult where, how and when the car can be picked up.

The rent is kilometer-free
When you rent a car from us it is free of kilometrics. We use at least 15 years old cars in view of the additional tax arrangement. This way we can offer the car advantageously.

Do not worry about damage
We understand that a dent or a scratch can be made quickly. If this is reported to us neatly in advance, we will not pass this on in most cases. You indicate this by contacting us via the contact details below.

No notice period
There is no cancellation period for renting a car at Inka Housing. If you want to cancel, you can indicate this via the telephone number or e-mail address below.

No minimum rental period
There is no minimum rental period when renting one of our cars. Just as with the rental of houses, we want to be as flexible as possible for you when renting out cars.


What we expect from you?
We mainly expect the driver of the car to treat our car as if it were their own car and so with care. Our cars are at least 15 years old, in connection with the tax benefit. Given the age, it is important to check the car liquids every 1000 km with a cold engine and top up if necessary.

If something is wrong with the car, please inform us as soon as possible through the contact details on this page. A solution will then be quickly sought. Negligence of the tenant can be charged.

We also appreciate it very much if you want to inquire when the car needs a turn. The date or the number of km where this is necessary is namely on a ticket which is located at the door on the driver’s side.

The car papers and the number of the ANWB are in the car. In case of emergency / breakdowns by car, you can contact the ANWB. There is also a claim form, the front and back of which must be filled in and e-mailed when our rental car is involved in driving damage.

Terms of payment
The invoice for renting a car is sent monthly and must be paid within 14 days.

You would like to rent a car

Renting a car
For renting a car we need the following information from you:

  • Name of your company
  • Address details of your company
  • Name of the contact person of your company
  • Contact details of the contact person
  • Desired location for the car

The price of a rental car
A rental car from our fleet generally costs € 400, – per month. The car is delivered with about a half full fuel tank. If we have a more luxurious model, the price can vary.

Contact details
For information about or renting a car, please feel free to contact us through the contact details below between office hours from Monday to Friday.

Tel:        +31 (0)6 278 70 170

Want to rent a car or to know more about the options?