Cleaning service

On this page you will find all information regarding the cleaning of housing via Inka Housing. We have the cleaning of a house under our own management. By delivering this service ourselfs, we are able to handle a competitive price and keep the quality high. We are able to perform both one-off and periodic cleaning activities nationwide at our customers. However, a one-time cleaning is also possible after the establishment of a house for you. Do you not have a home, but are you interested in our cleaning service? Then ask for the possibilities without obligation via our contact form.

What is the benefit of cleaning by Inka Housing?

National one-time cleaning = more convenience for you
When a new resident is expected, you can instruct Inka Housing to clean a specific room and, for example, take the general areas with you. In this way, the new resident has a pleasant welcome in his new home. The same applies to cleaning after decorating a home for you.

National periodic cleaning = reduce unexpected costs
Through periodic cleaning things can timely be discussed with you, which usually prevents unexpected costs. The residents are responsible for keeping a house clean. From experience, one resident / group of residents deals with this better than the other. If it turns out that a house is not kept tidy during the regular checks, a warning will be given to the residents. You will also be informed of this. Without improvement, mandatory cleaning will be carried out by Inka Housing.

National periodic cleaning = better cooperation
When you sign up for a weekly or biweekly cleaning, there are more contact moments with the residents. Periodic cleaning of the home is a supplement to the periodic inspection. This makes it even better possible to act in advance through consultation, adjustments and additions. Our shared interest is therefore a happy and satisfied resident and a well-maintained home.


What do we expect from you?
We expect during a periodic cleaning that the residents have cleaned their belongings as much as possible. In this way we don’t have to touch personal items and can work as efficiently as possible. This saves time and therefore costs.

Terms of payment
The invoice for periodic cleaning of a home is sent monthly. An occasional cleaning will be done after the cleaning. The invoices requires to be paid within 14 days.

Have a cleaning carried out

Cleaning a house

For cleaning a home we need the following information from you:

  • Company name
  • Address details of your company
  • Contact name of your company
  • Contact details of the contact person
  • Desired cleaning (periodic or one-off)
  • Desired type of cleaning (common areas, bedrooms or both)

The price of a cleaning

To be able to keep you well informed about the costs of the one-off and periodic cleaning, please contact the contact details below. You will receive a personal advice.

Contact details

For information about cleaning a house, please contact the contact details below between office hours from Monday to Friday.


Do you want to use our cleaning service?