National housing for your employees since 2001.

Why us?


Our first core value is “care about people”. We believe that (foreign) employees should end up in comfortable and safe accommodation. We guarantee this by at least meeting the SNF standards and by continuing to develop our inventory and working method. Good housing contributes to a happy, rested and productive person. And that is good for them, you, us and the Dutch economy.


Our second core value is “believe in solutions”. Issues from our customers, home owners, residents and neighbors are therefore often seen as opportunities. We will not always have the answer immediately, but we believe we will find it. We now have the necessary expertise in the field of housing, transport, renovation and rebuilding.


Our third core value “also in the future” shows that we make choices that are not only good now but also in the future. We like to work long-term with individuals and organizations. Inka, for example, is not focused on short-term profits, but on working together in such a way that all parties can make progress. Win-win situations are therefore the rule and not the exception.

Our customers

Thinking along with the customers
H2 Uitzendorganisatie BV has been working together with Inka Housing since 2013. The power of Inka lies in working together and thinking along with the customers. Karel (Director, Inka Housing) and his colleagues can always provide a good solution. Very satisfied!

Flexibility, speed and customer focus
We started in the summer of 2014 with the rent of a house at Inka Housing. We were helped quickly and flexibly to a first home through Inka Housing for our temporary employees, where they stayed to their full satisfaction. Pretty soon thereafter, renting of several houses and / or rooms followed, at various locations in the Netherlands. Despite the fact that we had an increased number of housing applications at several locations in the Netherlands in the short term, Inka Housing almost always managed to realize a suitable housing solution. Flexibility, speed and customer focus are noticeably very important to Inka Housing and these characteristics have resulted in good cooperation.

Actions rather than words
Why we do business with Inka Housing? Pretty simple. The most worries about the accommodation of external employees of our technical employment agency are taken care of by Inka Housing. Through the laws and regulations, at an acceptable price and a good dose of flexibility. For us of great importance, because doing business in a decent way is what we stand for. And things go wrong (Murphy’s law is on the corner of every street); the issues are solved. No words, but deeds, well, what do you want more?

Cooperation with full satisfaction
I have been doing business with Inka Housing for more than 10 years. With full satisfaction I can say very nice to work with them. You can always call, and you are invited and searched for suitable accommodation. The homes we rent are neat and equipped with all the necessary equipment for our staff. And if there are problems, they are often fixed the same day or a solution is sought. Even after office hours and in the weekend, we look at what is possible. I hope to be able to do business with Inka for years to come.

Takes care of everything
Inka Housing has organized the housing for part of the employees for the project. Not only have they furnished the houses in a fast and efficient way, Inka also ensures regular monitoring and, if necessary, maintenance of the homes and inventory. With this, the care for adequate housing for the employees is taken over by Inka, which Avenue2 is very satisfied with. Avenue2 is the consortium of Strukton and Ballast Nedam that realizes the Green Loper plan in Maastricht.

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