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We provide staff accommodation with flexible rental periods and contracts that can be terminated at short notice (1 week) and for your comfort and safety we are SNF certified. If you would want to make a request or know more, please visit our rental page.

Rent out

Would you want to rent out your property; well managed; without any issues and with a guaranteed monthly payment, then we will be more than happy to work with you to make this a reality. Visit our renting out page to familiarize yourself with our work ethics and contact details.


Do you have any complaints / feedback / comments with any of our accommodation, please notify us. Go to our report page to tell us exactly what needs to be corrected.

About us

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Within Inka we have three important core values. Would you like to know more about this? Then view the about us page.

Diversity in housing supply

Large locations



If you would want to know what accommodation we currently have available you can contact us directly and / or sign up for our weekly mailing at our rental page.

Discover our additional services

To enable us to serve you better as a customer or as a home owner, we have positioned ourselves as a Partner rather than a client. To ensure we fulfil almost all of your requirements we have put together a “one-stop shopping” package covering the following additional services.

  • Car rental

    We provide car rental services and can deliver cars at your doorstep at very competitive rates. See our car rental page.

  • Cleaning

    Do you need periodic or one-off cleaning in any of our residences or a property of your own? Contact us via the cleaning page.

  • Renovation

    Are renovation or refurbishment work required in a house you rent out? With our Team of highly qualified and committed specialists we will be more than happy to carry this out for you. For more information, see our home renovation page.

  • Furnishing

    Would you want to furnish a house? We are happy to do that for you from our varied stock of household material, you will have the option of either buying or renting a complete set of furniture from us. Go to our furnishing page for more information.

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