Rent out

Do you want to rent out your property?

Letting out your property to Inka Housing takes away a number of concerns for you and offers you the following benefits. For example, your house can remain for sale during the rental period. You can also invest in the purchase of a property, and then receive a fixed return through the rental. The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Monthly rental income

    Whether there is a tenant or not yet, that risk is for us. You will receive monthly rental income.

  • Your maintenance has been outsourced

    Our regional coordinator, technical service and cleaning will maintain your home, so you will not have to worry about your home anymore.

  • We provide the right tenant

    With the help of you as our client we match a home and its residents, we look after this through periodic checks.

Just a short check if your house is already ready for rent

There are a number of points that your house must meet before it can be a home for foreign employees.

  • You are the owner or manager of the rental property, whereby we are allowed to sublet your property.
  • Your home has a kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedrooms. Where every room is upholstered, finished and heated. If this is not the case, we can usually also arrange this for you.
  • Your heating installation is maintained at least every two years. Preferably with a service contract. If this is not the case, we can advise you.

Would you like to have something done in or on your property?

Step-by-step plan for renting out a house

We would like to take you through the steps that ensure that you can easily rent out your property to us.

Step 1: Introductory meeting

Contact with Inka

You contact us. First of all, thanks for the interest and the trust in us! We take a valuable possession very seriously. We will discuss a few basic questions with you. This way we can quickly determine whether your home matches our offer. Answers that we require from you are:

  • The number of bedrooms in your home.
  • The rent that you would like to receive for your home. If you do not yet have a price in mind, we can advise you about this after the visit.
  • The address details of your home.
  • After there is mutual interest we will work with you to make an appointment for a visit.

During the tour you can ask us all your further questions. We would like you to be able to do business with us in a well-considered and worry free manner.

Step 2: Home match

The viewing

Both you and us have the intention to do business with each other and have already scheduled a viewing. We are happy to walk with you through your house and also immediately use the opportunity to get to know each other better. This way you can easily ask the questions that you would like to answer.

When we walk with you through the house we often already work thoroughly. In this way we are ready to set up the house and possibly to renovate. The current state and any inventory is also immediately known.

Confirm our agreements

If both parties agree and everything is clear, the draft contract will be drawn up and e-mailed to you. This way you can go through it again in peace. If there are no further questions, both parties will sign.

Step 3: The rental period

Your property has been rented out

You have rented your property to us and now it is time to enjoy the monthly rental income. We ensure that your property remains in good condition thanks to our regional teams that carry out periodic checks. Even when something goes wrong in the neighborhood, we will quickly take action on this.

In addition, we take care of the gas, water, electricity, internet and most municipal costs. So you hardly have to worry about your home anymore.

You want your home back

Of course we are sorry that we can no longer rent out your home. But we think it is important that there is a pleasant cooperation. That is why we also discuss the reasons for cancellation in the contract period. If other reasons lead to the return, we will think along with you as much as possible.


“Through Inka Housing we have rented out our vacant house for three years. This is great, Inka is a professional organization that ensures that the house is handled very well by the tenants. ”

Want to know more?

Complementary services

Over the years we have increasingly specialized in additional services that have a common ground with maintaining a home. The price of this is on request. Some examples of additional services are:

  • Make extra rooms
  • Painting indoors
  • The decoration of rooms
  • Place (re) plug sockets

Notice period

When your property has been sold, you can cancel the rental agreement. In this case, a notice period of three months will be applied. Three months is usually the time that passes before the new occupant will enter your home. If this period is shorter, we will accommodate you as much as possible.


Inka performs periodic checks and maintenance in your home. This way your house stays in good condition. During these checks, attention will be paid to damage in and outside the home. We will always try to resolve this immediately and to consult with you if necessary.

Terms of payment

We pay the one-time deposit of your property in advance and will prepay the monthly rent at the beginning of each month. A contract is generally drawn up for at least one year with a diplomatic clause. By adding this clause it is possible to temporarily rent your property to us. You too can cancel due to this clause, taking into account the agreed notice period. The rent is made in consultation with you.


  • Inka Housing takes care of supplier (gas, water, electricity), repairs, maintenance
  • We regularly check your property so that it remains in good condition
  • Your home will remain salable during the period that your house is rented out

Do you want to know more? We give personal advice.