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Care about people

The work we do is ultimately focused on people. We are proud to play such an important role in housing this group of hard-working people who the Netherlands can use so well. In addition, the philosophy “caring about people” can also be found on a daily basis in how we deal with each other within the organisation and outside.

Believe in solutions

Anyone who works at Inka, does business with Inka or is a supplier to Inka will be able to confirm that we believe in solutions. Thinking carefully and calmly creates a win-win situation in nine out of ten cases. Believing in solutions is believing that everything will work out in the end.

Also in the future

Inka believes in the fact that she also has the right to exist in the future. Our focus in making decisions is not only now, but it must also work in the long term. Collaboration and solution-oriented thinking are crucial in this. At Inka we prefer to progress more slowly together than quickly and alone.

Meet our management team

Karel Erfmann


  • Renting accommodation
  • Financial administration
  • Acquisition

Shanta Anroedh


  • Renting out accommodation B2C
  • Coordinate cleaning

Wesley Erfmann

General Manager

  • Process optimization
  • Purchase of goods
  • Car rental
  • Marketing & Website

Mitch Schouten

Manager Finance & Sales

  • Renting out accommodation B2B
  • Financial administration
  • Human resource department

About us

Our strength lies in our three core values; care about people, believe in solutions, also in the future. These three core values indicate why we do what we do. What we do is the professional housing of foreign employees who stay here temporarily. We realize this throughout the Netherlands. By professional housing we mean comfortable and safe living space at a competitive price and under good management.

As a national organization, we have divided the country into four regions. Each region has a Regional Coordinator, Technical Service and Cleaning. This team ensures that problems are resolved quickly and that homes are properly managed. In addition, a member of management also acts as a mentor and sparring partner of the region. Our Warehouse & Logistics and Handymen ensure that homes are neatly decorated, refurbished and emptied again.

We believe it is important to continue developing our inventory and working methods. Feedback and criticism is crucial for this. This way we can continue to meet the wishes and expectations of tomorrow.

Our clients mainly consist of temporary employment agencies that place foreign employees that are requested by companies. The nationality of these employees varies enormously. They come from England, Germany, India, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Slovakia.


Inka Housing B.V. was founded by Karel Erfmann in 2001.  The housing of people, mainly from outside the Netherlands, started at KLM. From KLM there was the question whether there could be provision for accommodation for its English employees. They were at that time housed in a Hotel.

To help KLM, a house was hired and rented out per room. The reason why KLM did not rent a house itself was because the employees had a flexible contract which could be canceled weekly. It was therefore too risky for them and we took this risk and we still take it away. From that moment on we started to specialize in housing of foreign workers in particular.

Quality mark and interest group

Our complete housing range at least complies with the SNF standards of Stichting Normering Flexwonen. The hallmark for housing a foreign employee in the right way. We are also an active member within the Vereniging Huisvesters Arbeidsmigranten (VHA). This association has been established with the aim of promoting the interests of the housing companies of labor migrants.

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