Do you want your home to be furnished?

On this page you will find all information regarding the furnishing of your home. At Inka Housing we are able to furnish every space of the house. We not only set up homes that fall under our own management, but also for our competing colleagues or customers. With clients we can still contribute to realizing safe and comfortable accommodation, when we are not able to offer a house ourselves. In addition, you will find colleagues rather than competitors in this sector. Something we all have in common is providing housing for foreign employees. That is why we started to help with setting up where that is desired.
Our inventory consists of both second hand and new articles. In general, the living room is furnished with second hand furniture. The kitchen, bathroom and white goods with new products and the bedroom furnished with a combination thereof.

What is the advantage of furnishing a home by Inka Housing?

Comfortable and safe home decor
When Inka Housing furnishes a home, this satisfies what a resident needs and ensures that they can live comfortably and safely.

Besides furnishing also chores
If a number of jobs have to be carried out in the house, we can also do this for you in consultation with you. Consider, for example to hang lighting and shading, upholstering, replacing a lock, faucet or door, painting, and more. As an experienced accommodation provider, we are able to carry out various maintenance activities. For example, a home can be ready for rental after a day.

Sensitive to different needs
In order to meet different needs, we have created the Comfort and Budget 1-4 and 5-8 people packages. It is less common that an accommodation should be equipped for more than 8 people, but that is not a problem either. The Comfort package is the Inka standard as we are used to furnishing a home.

Various purchase options: purchase, rent or hire purchase
We have experienced that various customers need different ways to possibly take over the furniture. We have responded to this by offering the furniture for sale, rent and on the basis of hire purchase. You can request the brochure via our contact form.

SNF ready
Inka Housing is SNF-certified (Stichting Normering Flexwonen). We see this as the minimum requirements that a rental home for foreign employees must meet. When we set up a home for you, we can immediately place the necessary articles for the SNF standardization. We also give advice on what needs to be done if the house is to comply with the SNF standards.


What do we expect from you?
When we set up a home for you we will have to have access to the house. You can let us in on the agreed day or we can pick up a key in consultation.
We appreciate it very much to receive photos of the rooms in the house and a short video of how you enter the house. We can then adjust the choice of inventory as well as possible on the property.

Terms of payment
The invoice for furnishing a home depends on the chosen payment option (purchase, rent and hire purchase) is sent once or monthly and must be paid within 14 days.


Setting up a home
For the furnishing of a home we need the following information from you:

  • Name of your company
  • Address details of your company
  • Name and contact details of the contact person
  • Access to the house
  • A completed list on which the wishes are known

The price of furnishing your home
In order to be able to inform you and to provide you with a clear overview, we have prepared a brochure containing the various packages and rates. If you are interested in this, you can request the brochure via our contact form by entering your name and e-mail address.

Contact details
For information about furnishing a home, please contact the contact details below between office hours from Monday to Friday.


Do you want to have your home furnished or need more information?