Wesley Erfmann

The beauty of working at Inka is the feeling that you are not at work. The benevolence of colleagues, listening and thinking along with each other creates a pleasant atmosphere to work with. "Be the example you look up to yourself"

Mitch Schouten

I like working with people and in a team, with Inka you are in the right place. Every day we put together a nice performance. "I see a problem as a challenge"

Shanta Anroedh

To see where Inka Housing is now, since I started working here from the start and where we are going, is a wonderful result of our joint hard work. "Caring about another does not take any effort"
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Karel Erfmann

It is nice to see as owner that your child grows into a mature company with a stronger team. At Inka we work with people for people. '' Solution-oriented thinking as second nature ''

Rafael Cucunuba

Working at Inka Housing is an experience that makes you grow in every way. Sharing human value and knowledge gives me love for my work and makes Inka a second home. "Today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today"