Sabita Kalloe

The good thing about working at Inka is that it feels like I am at home. At home I do about the same job, and I like that. "Do not postpone until tomorrow, which is still possible today"
Rhona Huibers

Rhona Huibers

I like working independently, I get the space for that. And if I need help from colleagues, I can always ask for it. "Together you achieve more"
Veera Zolotarjova

Veera Zolorarjova

I like Inka because she mainly takes care of colleagues and people in general. Inka is always ready to help. That is how it has always been in my experience. "Always ready to help"

Wikash Doerga

I really like working at Inka. It is a family business and they are always there for you. You can combine work and private life very well. I feel at home with Inka. "Keep trying until it works"
Peter Groot

Peter Groot

At Inka every day is a surprise, that keeps working fun. I also have nice colleagues that I enjoy working with and I enjoy going to work. '' For me, helpfulness and friendliness is at the top ''

Jeroen de Vente

Every day I see myself as a new challenge in which I learn new things and so can continue to develop myself. In addition to working independently, it regularly occurs that I, in a team with my colleagues, complete a job successfully. '' Be a man of value ''
Patrycja Pompa

Patrycja Pompa

I really like working independently at Inka. Even if I work independently I never feel alone. My colleagues always like to help me when it is needed. '' together we are stronger ''
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